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A Blast from the Past

Welcome to the site dedicated to the memory of a historic Top 40 A.M. radio station, WIXZ1360!

WIXY 1260 was a station known and loved by many living in the Cleveland/Akron area in the late 60’s to mid 70’s. We have strived to recreate the original station as best as possible while taking advantage of modern technologies and listener trends.

WIXZ 1360, WIXY’s sister station in McKeesport, PA, shared WIXY’s popular format. And, in an effort to continue to increase listener base, WIXY established an outpost in McKeesport with the WIXZ call letters.

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Our Team

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History of The Mighty 1360

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from "The Tube City Almanac" (By Jason Togyer)

It sure wasn't "Camelot."

It sure wasn't "Camelot." Not with its bargain-basement studios and miserably low pay.

But for "one, brief shining moment," McKeesport's other radio station was one of the top-rated in the Pittsburgh region.

These days, the "Mighty 1360" barely acknowledges Our Fair City at all, except for the FCC-required "legal ID" at the beginning of each hour: "WPTT, McKeesport-Pittsburgh".


Webmaster's Note

WIXZ operated under the same ownership of WIXZ 1260 AM (Cleveland) from 1969-1974 though the call letters remained active until the mid 1990's.

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from "The Tube City Almanac" (By Jason Togyer)

From Irreverence to Irrelevance

A generation of McKeesporters who came of age in the late 1960s fondly remember McKeesport's WIXZ (1360) as the fun, free-wheeling, slightly scruffier pop-music alternative to Pittsburgh's KQV (1410).

But around the country --- at least in radio circles --- WIXZ is remembered as the station that fired Rush Limbaugh from his first radio job.

That's right. The voice of the conservative revolution of the 1990s and the man who helped save AM talk radio couldn't hold a gig in McKeesport. 

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The Competition

Over the years there were many Pittsburgh radio stations that tried to challenge KQV for the top 40 crown. Among those were KDKA, WEEP, WIXZ, 13Q, WZUM, and WPEZ.

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from The Post Gazette - Community Voices, by Rich Kienzle 

The TL Sound

...Along with Porky Chedwick, Clark Race, and KQV icons like Chuck Brinkman, TL (Terry Lee) was rock radio royalty in this region. The New Eagle native, born Terrance Lee Albert Trunzo, was a musician who got into radio accidentally when a disc jockey scheduled to appear at a dance he was playing pulled a no-show.

He made his name both on the air at various stations before settling at WMCK in McKeesport and continued when the station became WIXZ, known for what he and his fans called "The TL Sound" in 1964.

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WIXZ was owned in the late 60's by Wain & Weiss who made the station a carbon copy of their successful top-40, 1260 WIXY in Cleveland. Jeff Christie (Rush Limbaugh) and voice-over artist Mark Roberts were a couple of the voices you could hear on the air. If you take a further step back, you will find that 1360 was once WMCK with a call sign that could truly identify its location. At that time it had the "TL" Sound and Terry Lee's Music for Young Lovers which carried over to WIXZ.

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from 440: Satisfaction - Radio Broadcast History, Pittsburgh

The People of WIXZ

WIXZ, Pittsburgh - McKeesport
JWNote: Formerly WMCK, changed to WPTT (in 1998).
Mark Andrew
George Brewer
Jerry Butler
Bill Cardille
Bachelor Jeff (Christie) (Rush Limbaugh)
Al 'Jazzbeaux' Collins
Sean Grabowski (Bill Rock)
Bobby Harper
Brian Hartford
Dick Kemp
Terry Lee
Randy McDaniels
Jack Mindy
Mark Roberts
Ken Wells

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from TribLive - "Radio station once known as WMCK goes off the air", by Patrick Cloonan 

1360 Goes Off the Air

While McKeesport-licensed AM 1360 moved long ago from the Tube City, there still was a local tie in its front office.

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from Cleveland Broadcast Radio Archives Project (abridged)

History of WIXZ 1360's sister station, WIXY 1260

11/01/65 - After quitting their jobs as account executives at WHK-AM in July 1964, Bob Weiss, Norman Wain and Joe Zingale form the Westchester Corporation and purchase WFAS radio in White Plains (Westchester County), New York. They take control in December 1964, and in November the following year, they assume control of WDOK-AM & FM.

12/12/65 - WDOK-AM becomes "WIXY 1260". The call letters are inspired by Detroit's WXYZ, and the similarity in sound between the call letters and the frequency. The original lineup includes Al Gates (6-10 am), Howie Lund (10-1 pm), Johnny Michaels (1-4 pm), Johnny Canton (4-8 pm), Mark Allen (8-midnight) and Bobby Magic (midnight-6 am). Allen later takes the name Bob Dearborn when he moves on to WCFL / Chicago, and Bobby Magic programs WDMT-FM for a time in the 1980's. WIXY's original pop music format is called "chicken rock", but that label is quickly dropped. Among the news staff are Bob Engel, Fred Griffith and Gary Ritchie.

8/14/66 - The station sponsors the Beatles at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, though John Lennon's remark suggesting the group is "bigger than Jesus Christ" keeps attendance at just 20,000. Fans tear down a snow fence and storm the stage, halting the show until order is restored. (P)

7/19/76 - WIXY changes call letters and format to "adult rock" WMGC-AM, or "Magic". It's slogan, "Get Your Rock Soft", raises eyebrows as it appears in ads and billboards around town. The original WMGC lineup includes Ed Brady (6-noon), Wayne Shane (noon-6), Kris Phillips (6-midnight) and Dan Bradford (midnight-6am). The format lasts less than three years.


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